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Rick A. Watts, III
For over thirty years, Rick has been an Exploitation and Exploration Geologist with experience throughout the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulfcoast Basin. In addition to project management, budgeting and forecasts, he is also an effective team leader with a reputation for excellence.

TeamAlong with his exceptional communication skills and presentation abilities, Rick has the ability to understand and apply all disciplines in the analysis of an asset. His results-oriented approach has enabled him to take low profitability assets and turn them around, time and time again, to restore profitability to the company.

Need a last-minute evaluation? An entire team? Or perhaps just a second opinion? With Geoscience Solutions on your side, you'll have an edge on your competition!

American Association of Petroleum Geologists - Certified Petroleum Geologist since November 30, 1982. Certificate Number 2434

Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists

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Complex structural problems?
Just purchased a new property and need a complete evaluation and action plan? Is your staff too busy to get to that important project? Put us to work for you today!

Success Stories...
East Cameron Area
Following a complete review of a twenty-plus year-old field, three new wells were drilled, yielding 578 MBOE at an F&D of $3.80/BBL.

South Timbalier Area
At a non-operated field, persuaded the operator to test a new theory. Four wells were drilled, yielding over 7000 MBOE at an F&D of $4.66/BBL and increased production from 7 MMCFPD to 100+MMCFPD.

West Cameron Area
Following review of an old field that was nearing depletion, three new wells were drilled, yielding 40 BCFE and increasing production from 6 MMCFPD to 40 MMCFPD.

South Timbalier Area
A twenty-five year-old field was nearing depletion. Following a complete review, three new wells were drilled, developing 4136 MBOE in new reserves.

Over 30 years Geological Experience!
Staff Geologist with Larco Drilling and Exploration in Jackson, Mississippi.

Eastern Division Geologist with Transocean Oil Co., Houston, TX.

Manager, Drilling Programs at American Exploration in Houston, TX.

Asset Team Leader and Geological Advisor at Louisiana Land & Exploration and Burlingtom Resources in Houston, TX.

President, Geoscience Solutions. Working with clients mainly onshore in Texas and Louisiana.

According to the Energy Information Administration, 81% of the reserve additions in the Lower 48 came from existing fields!

The top 20% of most companies' oil and gas properties account for 80% of the value of the company.

Does your staff have the time to actively pursue value in the bottom 80% of your company's assets?

Geoscience Solutions can give you an unfair advantage over the competition!